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Welcome! I’m Sandy, a recently (2020) retired VP from a nonprofit that helps aged, chronically ill and disabled people. I’ve been crocheting for 55 years but pain in my thumb motivated me to try Tunisian crochet after making two hats for my beloved husband and son.

This site provides information about things I’ve learned from experience, rather than from books, videos or websites, of which there is already a sufficient and excellent supply. I’m just getting started with the site in July 2021, so it will be a little thin until I get going for a bit longer. I’m trying to start at the beginning – what you need to get going (yarn and hook) and basic instructions. FYI – I’M NOT SELLING ANYTHING AND NOT ACCEPTING ADS. I want the site to be super-clean, logical and easy to use. The geek in me is also have fun testing different yarns and hooks, viewing websites and consulting books and I want to be able to provide my honest judgment about what I’m finding.

Early in the learning process, Tunisian crochet produces squares and rectangles, so early projects are coasters (small squares), dish cloths (larger squares) and rectangles (placemats and scarves). Later you can sew squares and rectangles together to make things like bags, ear warmers, cowls, and other practical items.

Check back every week or two – I have a lot of content ready but I’m still learning how to use the software (WordPress, WP Bakery, and Wikilogy theme). I hope this will help a few people learn a fun technique, discover lovely yarns, comfortable hooks and make nice things for friends, family or people in need.

Sandy, the Geek

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