Why Tunisian Crochet and Why a Geeky Approach

There are plenty of books, blogs and websites that either focus on or at least include Tunisian crochet. Yet I’ve felt there are a few gaps. Come along on my journey learning Tunisian crochet, messing up, fixing either a project or my perception of it, trying new things, comparing stitches, gauges, hooks and all things Tunisian. More pictures, possibly fewer words. No videos, though I’ll provide links to what’s already out there.



I found Tunisian crochet when I retired in 2020 because standard crochet was hurting my thumb joint too much – but now I just love the way it looks.


Stitches, colors, yarns


I’ll start at the beginning, with hooks, yarns and stitches and then follow my whims as I fall in love with colors, yarns and get OCD about the right stitch for a yarn and project.


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