Sandy in 2021

A Geek’s Guide to Tunisian Crochet

Sandy Atkins, #1 Geek

In our house, blind taste tests are a way of life. As a family of geeks, we always try to check facts, question assumptions, experiment and adapt. Now I’m doing that with Tunisian crochet.

I retired in August 2020, in the midst of Covid-19 lockdown. As winter approached, my menfolk (son and husband) both asked for hats to match their Dude sweaters. Of course, there was no such pattern so I was launched into a do-it-yourself mode. 

I’ve been crocheting since at least 1968, so I completed the first hat using single crochet and a photo of the sweater’s stitch pattern. Unfortunately, the more I crocheted, the more my arthritic thumb hurt–to the point where I had trouble sleeping. That’s when I tried Tunisian crochet and was surprised and pleased to discover that I had no more hand problems.

As I learned Tunisian crochet, I found that books seemed to leave out a lot of detail. Videos were not my cup of tea. So as I learned I started to take a lot of photos and jot down my experience. The result is what you’ll find on this site.

You can find out more about the pre-retirement me on my LinkedIn page. Outside of work, I’ve done a lot of caregiving and companionship for my mom, who was born in 1928. I’m a Unitarian Universalist, which is pretty much a denomination of geeks. I speak Spanish and lived in Mexico, where I was an English teacher and musician. I was born in Buffalo, NY; lived in DC, Tucson, Twin Cities, Mexico City, Pasadena and Claremont CA; and now I live in Oxnard, California

I intend this site to be free of everything that irritates me – so no ads, no flashing icons, no videos, nothing to sell, hopefully a clean and easy-to-navigate site. If I’ve used a product, I may write about it. If I compare things, I’ll provide the criteria and invite readers to chime in.